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“The right lawyer makes all the difference,” this is the slogan of our Baltimore firm, Collazo-Dingle Law LLC, and this statement is something we truly believe. At the head of our organization of legal professionals is attorney Liset Collazo-Dingle. Our group also includes Carlos Solares, a paralegal, Daniel Aguirre, a paralegal, Flor Martinez, a legal assistant, and Juliet Nunez, a legal assistant. Our law office focuses on the practice areas of personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration, criminal and foreclosure defense cases.

More about MD Personal Injury Lawyer Liset Collazo-Dingle:

The experience of attorney Liset Collazo-Dingle is substantial. She has successfully litigated an abundance of cases where she sought for and achieved justice on her clients’ behalves. She is also passionate about giving each one of her client’s personal attention and zealous representation. This is possible thanks to her legal knowledge and background as well as the quality of team she has built around her at Collazo-Dingle Law, LLC.

Liset Collazo-Dingle, MD Personal Injury Lawyer:

Liset Collazo-Dingle graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Speech Communications from Delaware State University. She then achieved her Juris Doctorate from the University Of Baltimore School Of Law. She was also a graduate of the Maryland State Bar Leadership Academy. This prestigious leadership academy only selects fifteen legal professionals out of a considerable pool of successful candidates. The chosen few like Liset Collazo-Dingle participate in a leadership development program that lasts a year long. The program is created to groom future leaders for the MSBA.

Working to Make Their Clients’ Lives Better:

Our legal team at Collazo-Dingle Law, LLC works hard to ensure their clients are well represented in the courtroom. They are passionate about helping those dealing with a personal injury in MD get the compensation they deserve. Our team rallies around Baltimore residents to help them restore their lives to normalcy after an accident or other events have caused a disruption in their lives.

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If you or your loved one feel you may have the makings of a personal injury case, need help with an immigration issue, foreclosure, or bankruptcy case or need the help of a criminal defense attorney, our legal team is ready to talk to you. Call today to learn more about Collazo-Dingle Law, LLC and how we can work on your behalf in a court of law. The legal knowledge or our firm will serve you well as we seek an amicable solution to your legal situation.

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