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Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore, MD

If you are seriously injured as the result of someone’s negligence you need the experience of our firm. No one plans for an injury; it just happens unexpectedly and often through no fault of your own. Suddenly, you’re facing medical bills to cover the costs associated with the injury as well as lost wages or lost employment, not to mention pain and disability. It can be overwhelming.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Do you feel like you’re drowning in debt? Are you having trouble paying your mortgage or your bills? Have you recently lost income? We can help you alleviate debt so that you can gain a peace of mind.

Immigration Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Individuals and families seeking to establish lives in the United States need the assistance of an experienced attorney to navigate through the complex immigration laws. We concentrate on family based immigration and provide exceptional services to our clients.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Baltimore, MD

When you are facing charges for a criminal offense, you need the best lawyer you can find. At Collazo-Dingle Law, LLC we are passionate about aggressively representing our clients and providing them with the skilled and dedicated legal counsel they deserve.

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